Information for technicians

Why eduID?

The SUNET service eduID is a collection of services to help SWAMID-affiliated organisations to simplify and improve identity management and authentication. eduID was built at the request of Swedish university IT managers to replace applicants' accounts at antagning.se, enable them to activate accounts for admitted students and, in the longer term, create one single function for students' identity management. There are also several uses for university staff, such as resetting passwords, creating employees' local accounts, dual factor authentication with the second factor stored at eduID. In the future there will probably be more uses where the high level of user security in eduID is linked with the local university's person-based and role-based attribute structures.

New applications and services for eduID will be developed in collaboration with universities, which are encouraged to put forward proposals and participate as pilots in various trials.

You can read all the technical information about eduID on SWAMID's wiki: https://wiki.swamid.se/display/SWAMID/eduID.se