e-account for university

Use eduID to log into or to activate and manage your student account with the university during your studies.
eduID provides you with an account that you can use from your first university application, during your studies and also when you become an alumnus.



Why eduID?

Are you going to study at university?

Did you know that you need something called a confirmed account at to get your place at university? You have to wait for a letter for that. Don't live at your registered address? Then it will be a real hassle. But wait - there's a solution. You can create an eduID account online right away. The only thing you need to confirm your identity is a mobile phone number registered in your name, or that you have installed and verified your identity with Freja eID.

Are you already studying?

You can use eduID to get a student account for your email and intranet once you are admitted. If you change university, just arrange a new account with eduID. Easy! And do you sometimes lose passwords? We can fix that too.
So, to recap. Just one single login to keep track of.

  • Use eduID at to confirm your place at university.
  • Create a user or an account at the university.
  • Enter a new password if you have forgotten the one for your university.

How do I get started with eduID?

To use eduID for your studies, you either need Freja eID installed and activated on your mobile, a mobile phone number registered in your name or be able to receive mail at your home address that is registered in the Swedish population register.

Using Freja eID:

  • Create an eduID account with an email address.
  • Open the Freja eID app and follow the instructions to reach Freja eID+ status.
  • Bring your chosen form of ID to an authorized agent and ask them to scan the QR-code in the Freja eID app. There is a map function in the Freja eID app to help you locate your nearest agent.
  • Log in to eduID using your mobile phone and on the tab "Confirm Identity" choose the alternative Freja eID.
  • The app will open.
  • Approve that Freja eID sends your "personal identity number to eduID Sweden"
  • Done!

Using a mobile phone registered in your name:

  • Create an eduID account with an email address.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and confirm with the code you receive in a text message.
  • Enter your national identity number and select "confirm via mobile phone number".
  • Done!


  • If you have asked for an unlisted number this method will not work.
  • The phone must be registered in your name or, if you younger than 18 years old, your guardian's.

Using a code in a letter that is sent to your registered address (folkbokföringsadress):

  • Create an eduID account with an email address.
  • Enter your national identity number and select "confirm using letter".
  • Wait for the letter containing a code.
  • Log in to your eduID account and enter the code.
  • Done!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is eduID?

    eduID is a federated identity - a user identity that can be used in several different organisations that have agreed on how identities will be managed. The basic idea is that a given user, who is authenticated with an organisation, is automatically authenticated with other organisations in the federation.

    Federated identities are one of the cornerstones of trust between organisations. Trust is based on all the organisations relying on all the others to carry out their authentication - identification and verification - properly and in a controlled and reliable IT environment. This is why eduID is certified by Kantara.

  • Why have eduID?

    From the student's perspective, in the long-term eduID means fewer accounts to keep track of during studies. For many organisations, identity management is a complex issue and it is necessary to work with confirmed users. SUNET has been working with the issue of identity management for a long time and developed eduID to make things easier for all parties in the higher education community.

    There are many services that require identification of users. This is often done by the user entering an email address to which the service provider sends a password - and for many services is this a sufficient level. Such a user is normally called unconfirmed, because the service provider does not really know who the user with that email address is. Through the use of eduID, identification of users is taken up a level to that of confirmed users.

  • How do I use eduID?

    Once you have created your account, you will hardly ever need to log in to eduID. You will only be using your account to create and access other accounts, such as or your student account.

    Log in at when you:
    ♦ Accept your place at university.
    ♦ Organise your student account for email and intranet.
    ♦ Change university.
    ♦ Lose a password.

  • What is the eduID privacy policy?

    When you log into a service using eduID, one or more pieces of personal information are sent to the service in order to identify you as a user. Which information eduID sends is depending upon the type of service involved, the purpose of the service and what information eduID is willing to deliver to the service. This procedure follows the intent of the Swedish Personal Data Act. The information that is sent is about you as an individual.

    Depending on need, a service gets access to a unique identifier or your user name + e-mail address. This unique identifier is unique to that specific service and cannot be shared or traced between different services.

    Services that are categorised in SWAMID’s metadata with entity categories receive attributes in accordance with SWAMID’s recommendations, see below.

    Services whose primary purpose is for the benefit of research and education have access to approximately the same personal data which are automatically sent with an everyday email, that being name, email address, user identity and that the user has an account at eduID. Registered services that via GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct adhere to the European Union’s data protections directives, in Sweden the Personal Data Act, get access to the same information.

    Services whose purpose is for students to process admissions, course registrations, examination sign-up, degree applications, internships, grant applications, self-service account administration have access to the user’s Swedish personal identity number or Swedish higher education interim personal identity number for foreigners. Your personal identity number might be given to other services, where there is a separate contract between the service and eduID. Such a contract shall allways be in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act.

  • What is SUNET?

    SUNET is the organisation responsible for Swedish universities and data networks, as well as many services that are used by universities in Sweden. More information about SUNET is available at

  • What is Freja eID?

    Freja eID is a service that is free of charge and which resembles Mobile bankID, but there is no need to link it to a bank account. In short, you install the Freja eID app on your mobile device (iOS or Android), register and verify an email address and upgrade to Freja eID+ by entering the reference number found on your ID card, take a photo of yourself and visit the nearest ATG agent that can be found using the map function in the Freja eID app. On site, you ask the agent to start the verification process by scanning the QR code displayed in the mobile app. After that, you have wait a couple of hours until you are informed that you have passed the ID verification. When that is done, you can log into eduID using your mobile and confirm your identity through Freja eID.

  • Frequently asked questions about Freja eID

    I visited the ATG agent for verification of my identity, but they didn't know what to do
    Make sure that the agent that you visited is an authorized agent and can be found on the Freja eID's map. The service Freja eID is completely new to all parties, and there might still be some agents that are not fully aware of it. Ask them to scan the QR code that is displayed in the Freja eID app so that the ID verification process opens up in their terminal. All the ATG agent have to do after that, is to follow the instructions shown in their terminal.

    The verification of my chosen form of ID failed and I got notified that I have to provide some additional information
    Reinstall the app, redo the registration, and make sure that you have entered the correct expiration date as well as written down the correct reference number of the chosen form of ID and personal identity number (personnummer).

    Everything went well with the agent, but I don't get a button to approve that Freja eID can send my personal identity number to eduID.
    You have to click the link "I HAVE FREJA EID INSTALLED" in eduID, either before or after the verification of identity using Freja eID at an ATG agent.

    I managed to go through the entire process with verification of my identity, but the app says "Your information is being verified" and I cannot proceed.
    It can take up to three hours to be verified by Freja.

  • What is ORCID?

    ORCID is an independent non-profit organization that provides a persistent identifier – an ORCID iD – that distinguishes you from other researchers and a mechanism for linking your research outputs and activities to your ORCID iD. ORCID is integrated into many systems used by publishers, funders, institutions, and other research-related services. Learn more at

    eduID is collecting your ORCID iD so that we can assist you in your life as a researcher. In eduID your ORCID iD is only used to inform services that uses ORCID that you use a specific ORCID iD and help them to link you to the right data in their service. The services must however do their own connection of your ORCID iD to your data directly in their service the same way as you do in eduID.

    When you click the "Connect ORCID account" button under Account Linking in your eduID Profile, we will ask you to share your ORCID iD using an authentication process: either by registering for an ORCID iD or, if you already have one, by signing into your ORCID account, then granting us permission to get your ORCID iD. We do this to ensure that you are correctly identified and securely connecting your ORCID iD.

    If you do not longer want eduID to know your ORCID iD you can easily remove it by clicking the remove link for ORCID under Account Linking in your eduID Profile.

  • Which email account should I use to log in?

    You can log in with all the email addresses you have entered and confirmed in eduID. If you have created an eduID account by logging in with Facebook, for example, you can log in with the same email address that you use to log in to Facebook.

  • How do I change the default language in eduID?

    The default language in eduID is based on the language setting that your browser uses. To change the default language you can log into eduID and select the language you want under the personal information tab.

  • Where can I update my profile and why should I do that?

    After you have logged in to eduID you arrive at eduID's profile pages. You can update your personal information and your profile there. These are the options for updating your profile:

    Personal information
    When you use eduID to log into a service, your personal information is forwarded to that service. However, the service in question does not necessarily use the personal information from eduID. The display name, for those services that use it, is assumed to be your first name or well-known nickname.

    Confirm your identity with Freja eID When you have confirmed your identity in the Freja eID app, use your mobile phones browser to log in to eduID. Add your national identity number in the field on the "confirm your identity" page to start the process. Select the option Freja eID and then "I have Freja eID installed", after that the Freja eID app will open. In the app you need to approve that your national identity number is sent to eduID. After a couple of minutes the confirmation is done. You might have to log out and then in to eduID to see your updated status.

    Confirm your identity with a registered mobile phone number
    Add a mobile phone number that is registered in your name. Select "confirm mobile number" as described below.
    Add your national identity number in the field on the "confirm your identity" page to start the process of confirming your national identity number. Select the option "confirm identity with registered mobile phone number". The mobile phone number you enter will be checked with the Swedish telephone register to confirm that the number is registered in your name. Note that if you are under 18 and the mobile phone number is registered in your parent's or guardian's name, this is also considered to confirm your National Identity Number.

    Confirm your identity with a code that is sent in a letter to your registered address (folkbokföringsadress)
    Add your national identity number in the field on the "confirm your identity" page to start the process of confirming your civic registration number. Select the option "confirm via letter”. The code and further instructions is sent in a letter to your registered address (folkbokföringsadress) and will be delivered within a few days.

    If none of the methods above works for you to confirm your identity
    If you have a registered address (folkbokföringsadress) but are unable to reach it you can change your address at Skatteverket. If your mobile phone is not registered in your name (and national identity number) you could contact your phone company. If none of the above methods work, you are welcome to contact in order to discuss alternative methods.

    Email addresses
    It is possible to add a number of email addresses to your eduID. After a new email address has been added, a message is sent with a confirmation link and a code to the specified email address. Click on the link in the message and enter the code to confirm your email address. An email address must be confirmed before it can become a primary address. A user can only have one primary email address. Your primary email address can be used to reset your password. A primary email address cannot be removed; you must first make another email address primary.

    Mobile phone number
    It is possible to add a number of mobile phone numbers to your eduID. After a mobile phone number has been added a text message is sent with a confirmation link and a code to the specified number. Click on the link in the message and enter the code to confirm your mobile phone number. In the next version of eduID it will be possible to reset your password using your primary mobile phone number.

    A user can change the password for his/her eduID on the security page.

  • Contact

    If you can't find the answers to your questions about eduID on our help page, you can contact the eduID support by mailing

    Always let us know the e-mail address you used when you logged into eduID. If something went wrong, it is always a good idea to include screenshots with error messages to ease troubleshooting.

    In order to get best possible support, we recommend that you send e-mail, but for simple matters you can also find us on phone number 0455-385200.
    (Open on Monday to Thursday 09:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00, Friday 9:00-12:00, 13:00-14:30)